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Snezana Poposka

Student at the Economic Faculty Prilep
Member of the Executive Board of Center for Human Rights AMOS - Bitola
Coordinator of the Department for environment


Home Address:
Cane Vasilev 2/2
7000 Bitola
Republic of Macedonia
++ 389 47 220-252
Mobile: ++ 389 70 628-980

Biographical Data:
DOB: 28.05.1979
Place of birth: Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
Sex: Female
Marital status: Married
Citizenship: Macedonian


Ekonomic Faculty - Prilep

Work Experience:
Menager of the private shop


Work Experience-NGO projects:
- "Remarking and Celebration of the International Childrens Day - 21.11.2007" - (assistant), Council of Europe Informative Office Skopje, Council of Bitola
- "Young people against Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Intolerance", 9. November 2007,UNITED, Netherlands
- BRIDGES- Lets build friendships- Bitola, June-September 2007, (assistant), Swiss Embassy, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Youth participation in local community", UNICEF, March-December 2006

- "Remarking and Celebration of the International Day of Peace - 21.9.2006" - (assistant), Caritas France in Macedonia, Council of Bitola

- "I am going to vote for the first time", American Embassy, May-August 2006, assistant and educator
- "Building confidence and friendship with building bridges of cultural, religion and lingual understanding" (educator)

Relevant Computer Experience:
operating system Windows 95/98/millennium Programs: Word, Excel and Corel


Humanist, responsible, team worker.