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st. Skoevska 114, Bitola
Republic of Macedonia
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Children's rights
Women's rights
Human's rights
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Sasho Kochankovski, MA
Professor - Medical Nursing College Bitola
Assistant Professor - Faculty of Education Bitola
Master of Psychological Science
Grad. Psychologist, Gestalt therapist
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Expert
Human Rights Education Trainer
Children's Rights Trainer
President of the Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
  Home Address:
Skoevska 114, 7 000 Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
Phone/fax: ++ 389 47 252-307
Mobile: ++ 389 70 549 205
Biographical Data:
  DOB: 09.01.1959
Place of birth: Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
Sex: Male
Marital status: Married
Citizenship: Macedonian
  - Ph.D. candidate -Philosophical Faculty in Skopje, Institute of Psychology-2007
- Master of Psychological Science -Philosophical Faculty in Skopje, Institute of Psychology -2002
- One year postgraduate course named as: "Psycho-social and traumatic stress: understanding, prevention and treatment ", organized by WHO, Medical faculty and Ministry of Health, 1998
- Postgraduate education on Gestalt therapy, II degree, 1997
- Graduate psychologist, Philosophical faculty, Skopje, 1981
Work Experience:
  - Professor: "Educational Psychology" at Medical Nursing College Bitola, (2004/2005 ; 2005/2006; 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 school year)
- Assistant Professor: "General Psychology, Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology" - Faculty of Education Bitola, (2000 till now)
- Psychologist & psychotherapist at Department of Mental Health for Children and Youths, and Center for Crisis Situation for Children and Youths - Medical Center "Dr. Trifun Panovski" -Bitola.(1982 till now).
- Member of the Republic Commissions for Assessment of persons with special needs - physical and mental. (1984 till now)
- "Learning Styles, Personal Types and School Achievement"
- "Teenager's Stress - How to Deal with Stress in a Creative Way"
- "Psychophysical Development At School Children In Bitola" and
- More than 40 publications (available on request)
  English fluently
Professional References:

- Prof. Zoran Stojanovski, Ph.D.

Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje
- Prof. Olga Murdjeva Skaric, Ph.D
Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje
- Prof. Miroslava Nikolovska, Ph.D
Faculty of Education, Skopje
- Dr. Omer Sulejman, psychiatrist, pedopsychiatrist
Department of mental health for children and youths
Medical Center-Bitola
- Mayke Huijbregts
Child Protection Project Officer UNICEF

- Study session: Equality required Working with Young People for Equality, organized by Human Rights Education Youth Network and European Youth Centre Budapest (Hungary), 31 March 6 April 2008
- Training Course on Human Rights Education with Children, using COMPASITO- a child-friendly manual on human rights education" Council of Europe, European Youth Centre Budapest, 10-18 November 2007
- Lecturer in "Summer School in Psychology 2006" Sofia 10-16 July 2006-New Bulgarian University, Institute of Psychology with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Association of Young Psychologists in Bulgaria.
- Training of Trainers Orientation Programme on Adolescent Health for Health Care Providers, UNICEF and Ministry of Health, Ohrid, 15-19 March 2006
- "Consultative Meeting on the development of COMPASITO - a child-friendly manual on human rights education" Council of Europe, European Youth Centre Budapest, Budapest, October 2005
- Training course: "The human rights path: From cultural diversity to intercultural understanding", Barcelona, October 2005
- Study session: "Fulfilling the promise: Sustaining and developing local human rights education programmes for young people across Europe", Council of Europe, European Youth Centre Budapest, Budapest, October 2005
- Workshop: "Harm reduction programs advocacy principles and methods", CEE-HRN, Sofia, Bulgaria, March 2005
- "Training for Trainers in Human Rights Education, with Young People", Council of Europe, European Youth Center Budapest, Budapest, April 2003
- "Building Fundraising Capacity" International Harm Reduction Development Program, OSI-NY, Balatonsemesz, Hungary, November, 2003
- "Intercultural education"- facilitator, NDC - "Molika" Bitola - October 2002
- "Self- confidence - importance and increasing"- educator
Star World Network - "Molika" Bitola - April 2002
- "Harm reduction programs- HIV/AIDS prevention among drug users and persons with risk sexual behavior"-HOPS, Skopje, 2001
- "Training for Local Observers for Human Rights"-Macedonian Helsinki Comity - Kicevo 2001
- "Street Children/Children of the Streets-lessons learned", group "Felix", Bitola, 2000
- "Children Rights Seminar for Trainers", UNICEF, -Ohrid, 2000
- "Working with street children", Institute for Social Work, 2000
- "Enhancement of mental and emotional health", Pedagogical Institute, UNICEF, Institute of Psychology, 1997
- Qualification for using MBTI- personal test, 1997
- "Psycho-social help for children under chronicle stress by war circumstances other crisis situations", Pedagogical institute, UNICEF, Institute of Psychology, 1993
- Qualification for using Rorschach technique, 1991
Work Experience-NGO projects:
- "Remarking and Celebration of the International Childrens Day - 21.11.2007" - (coordinator and educator), Council of Europe Informative Office Skopje, Council of Bitola
- "Young people against Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Intolerance", 9. November 2007, (coordinator and educator), UNITED, Netherlands
- BRIDGES- Lets build friendships- Bitola, June-September 2007, (coordinator and trainer), Swiss Embassy, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- Workshop: Human Rights and Human Rights Education for Young People Bitola, Council of Bitola, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola 20 June 2007(coordinator and trainer)
- Training workshops for Human Rights in Skopje and Tetovo, on the request of Forum Syd, as a part of University course: Leadership and Development of Youth Work, Skopje-Tetovo, 21-22 May 2007, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola(coordinator and trainer)
- National Training Course on Human Rigjts Education with Young People - Building Local Capacities, Bitola, 14-19 November 2006 (coordinator and trainer), Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Remarking and Celebration of the International Day of Peace - 21.9.2006" - (coordinator), Caritas France in Macedonia, Council of Bitola
- " I'm Going to Vote for the First Time", May-July 2006, (coordinator and trainer), US Embassy Skopje
- "Young people against Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Intolerance", Ohrid, November 2005, (trainer), UNICEF
- "National Training Course on Human Rights Education, with Young People", Bitola, December 2003, (coordinator and trainer), Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Building the network of local observers for the children's rights", Bitola, October-December 2002, (coordinator and trainer), Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Building confidence and friendship with building bridges of cultural, religion and lingual understanding", October-December 2002, (coordinator) Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "The strength of one", American Embassy, August - October 2002 (coordinator), Centrrefor Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Personal Documents-First Step toward realizing of human and civil rights"- July-September 2002 (coordinator) Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "I become a mother, but I'm still a child"- educative program for young Roma girls, (educator), October 2001-September 2002, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Psychosocial support for displaced children from Tetovo"- October-December 2001, (expert), Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Generator of information"- September 2001,Center for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Children from Bitola for Children from Arachinovo, with Love"- July 2001 (coordinator)- Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "To Build the Mosaic of the Spiritual Endurance"- May-June 2001(coordinator)-Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "HIV/AIDS Prevention among Drug Users and Persons with Risk Sexual Behavior in Bitola"-July 2001-June 2002,(coordinator, educator)
- "Summer Camp for Street Children -Ohrid 2001"-June 2001 (senior educator & supervisor)
- "Behind the Stage"- May 2001(lecturer), Association for Macedonian-German friendship.
- "Children of the streets in Bitola"-January-December 2001
(senior educator & supervisor)
- "Equal Includance of Physical Handicapped Persons in to the Society"- June-August 2000, (educator) - Union of Physical Handicapped Persons of Kichevo & Bitola
- "Street Children / Children of the Streets in Bitola"(1998 -2000)
- "Educational and Psycho-Social Support of Roma Children and their Mothers in the Refugee Camp in Pretor, Republic of Macedonia", Quick Impact Project supported by UNHCR and ARC-International (December 1999 to April 2000)(educator & psychotherapist)
Conference Presentations:
- many (available on request)

Relevant Computer Experience:
      - operating system Windows: Word, Excel, Power Point

- Photography, designing, movie, sport, traveling, music...


 - Humanist, hard worker, full of ideas, team worker.