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Детски права
Права на жената
Човекови права
Children's rights
Women's rights
Human's rights
Protection of Children's Rights

Department for protection of children's rights

Ombudsman for Children

Above all, Children' rights are guarantied with the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of the Child, accepted and ratified by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Regard with the fact that the children have the need for special protection within the framework of the institution Ombudsman, it has been formed special department for protection of children's rights. This department proceed with complains of the violation of their rights, by the Governmental institutions as well as individuals. Ombudsman for children takes care for realization of children's rights through legislation and their implementation.
Any citizen can submit complain to the Ombudsman for children. That complain should be signed with the name and surname, address and phone number, for further contact. You should announce the institution that violated the law and also, if you have already used your right (complaint, charges, objection…).


Submitting of complain as well as the whole procedure with Ombudsman is free of charge. You can submit the application by mail, directly in the office of the Ombudsman or by phone with instructions for next activities.

The ways of acting of the Ombudsman is giving proposals, opinions, and suggestions to the Institutions to make a decision according to the Constitution, Macedonian laws and International acts, guide by the best interest of the child.

All Governmental Institutions are responsible for cooperation with Ombudsman and to give it the report for the concrete issue. The institutions are obligated to respect and accept proposals, opinions, and suggestions by the Ombudsman. In the case of refused or partly acceptance of the


suggestions, the Ombudsman could inform the Government of The Republic of Macedonia, or the Council of The Republic of Macedonia, or the public media with that issue.

For protection of the children's rights, you can contact (written, oral or by phone) vice Ombudsman - Mrs. Nevenka Krusharovska -head of Department for protection of children's rights (Ombudsman for Children) or Mrs. Uranija Pirovska - associate.

Head of Department for protection of children's rights

Ombudsman for Children

Mrs. Nevenka Krusharovska

Dimitrie Cupovski 2 1000 Skopje

Phone: 02/ 3129 335; 02/ 3129 327; 02/ 3221 035; 02/ 3129 343