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Детски права
Права на жената
Човекови права
Children's rights
Women's rights
Human's rights
Activities 2005

- Establishing of the Prespa – Ohrid NGO Council , East West Institute, 22 June, Ohrid
- Seminar: Culture in Dialogue, 17-30 July, Aabenra, Denmark
- Training: Strategic planning, Coalition SEGA, 15-18 August, Mavrovo
- Training: Public relations, Coalition SEGA, September, Skopje
- Unlimited Peace Festival, Caritas France, October, Bitola
- Study session: FULFILLING THE PROMISE - HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION YOUTH NETWORK", Council of Europe, 3-9 October, Budapest
- General Assembly of Coalition SEGA, October, Skopje
- Seminar: Health and development of young people in Republic of Macedonia, 14-16 October, Ohrid
- Project: Municipalities fit for children, October-December, 2005, Bitola
- Training: Intercultural learning and human rights' paths, 23-30 October, Barcelona
- Conference: All different all equal, 26-29 October, Strasbourg
- Seminar: Advocacy and lobbying , Coalition SEGA, October, Ohrid
- Seminar: Advocacy and lobbying, Coalition SEGA, 2-4 November, Skopje
- Seminar: Peace and tolerance in municipalities fit for children, 4-6 November, Ohrid
- Celebration of 9th November, European Day against fascism and anti-semitism, November, Bitola
- Consultative meeting Kompasito, 10-11 November, Budapest
- Celebration of International Child's Day and International day for prevention children of child abuse, November, Bitola
- 10 Million stars, Caritas France , December, Skopje
- Celebration of the International Human Rights' Day, December, Bitola