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Детски права
Права на жената
Човекови права
Children's rights
Women's rights
Human's rights
Activities 2005 <<

1. Name of the project:
" Consultative Meeting on the development of COMPASITO-a child-friendly manual for non-formal human rights education activities"

2. Participant:
Sasho Kochankovski , MA , as a member of the team of experts

3. Aims of the Consultative Meeting :
to collect experiences on the usage and development of HRE materials with and for children;
- to define the key contents, educational approaches and themes of the manual;
- to identify the possible specificities of Compasito
- to define the role of the consultative group and the role of children in the production process;
- to propose realistic timetable for the development of Compasito

4. Duration of the activity:
10-11 November ,2005

5. Location:
European Youth Centre Budapest

6. Supported by:
Council of Europe , Youth Programme-Human Rights education