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Детски права
Права на жената
Човекови права
Children's rights
Women's rights
Human's rights
Aims and duties

• Promotion and implementation of human rights with special accent on women's and children's rights which are part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention of Children's Rights as well.

• Monitoring - following and controlling the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; European Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention for Children's Rights as well.

• To help the reducing of children distress, to increase the whole development of their human potential and to increase their consciousness about their needs, rights and possibilities.

• To advance children health.

• Concerning about Women's role, mothers health, and family planning.

• Supporting strong family as a condition for a stable society.

• Basic education and education for all children and parents to read and wrote.

• Fighting against poverty

• Giving help and support to children who live in specially hard condition: children with special needs, children victims of violence and abuse, orphans, children of the street, invalids, socially threatened and exploited children, children victims of natural catastrophe, children fugitives, abusing of children force or drag abusing.

• Activities for prevention of social pathology distress.

• Fugitives To hand psychological and sociological help and support.

• Environmental protection and development.


• Development of peace values, dialogue and understanding.

• Participation in the construction of civil society.

• Initiation and support women's active participation in public live and democracy.

• Collaboration with other NGO, government and other subjects.

• Organization of training, seminars, instruction, matches, exhibitions and publishing of written, audio and video material.