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Republic of Macedonia
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Детски права
Права на жената
Човекови права
Children's rights
Women's rights
Human's rights
Activities 2005 <<

•  Name of the project:
Unlimited Peace Festival 2005 - Month of Peace

•  Activities:
- Exibition of paintings created by children
- Performance (recital and dancing) of young memebrs and volunteers
- Promotion of informative materials: CD "1000 massages for peace", leaflets, bookmarkers
- Media presentation on local TV stations

•  Aims:
To remarking and celebrating the International D ay of Peace - 21
To attract public attention and raising awareness of the people to
celebrate and keep th e peace
To dedicate and strenghtening the idea of peaceand reducing the tensions
between all the nations and people in the w orld

•  Time:
1 st October

•  Location
Bitola , Small Hall of the Museum
•  Supported by:
Caritas France in Macedonia – Skopje

• In partnership with:
NGO “Civil” Skopje