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Biljana Bejkovska

Graduated teacher
Human Rights Education Trainer
Local coordinator of Youth Informative Center
Democracy educator
Secretary of the CHR AMOS- Bitola
President of the Commission of Social Issues.

Home address:
Sever Jug 11/4 , 7000 Bitola
Republic of Macedonia
++ 389 70 89 29 28
++ 389 47 233310

Biographical Data:
DOB: 26.03.1977
Place of birth: Bitola , Republic of Macedonia
Sex: Female
Marital status: Married
Citizenship: Macedonian


Pedagogical Faculty Bitola

- Conference "Europe for and with children", Council of Europe, Monaco , April 2006
- "Training for Trainers in Human Rights Education, with Young People", Council of Europe, European Youth Center Budapest , Budapest , November 2003
- Democracy school - educator
- Training course: "The human rights path: From cultural diversity to intercultural understanding", Barcelona , October 2005

Work Experience:
I have been working for two years in private schoolLocal coordinator of the Youth Informative Centre Bitola
Secretary of the Centre for Human Rights AMOS Bitola


Work Experience-NGO projects :

- "Remarking and Celebration of the International Childrens Day - 21.11.2007" - (assistant coordinator and educator), Council of Europe Informative Office Skopje, Council of Bitola
- "Young people against Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Intolerance", 9. November 2007, (assistant coordinator and educator), UNITED, Netherlands
- BRIDGES- Lets build friendships- Bitola, June-September 2007, (assistant coordinator and trainer), Swiss Embassy, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- Workshop: Human Rights and Human Rights Education for Young People Bitola, Council of Bitola, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola 20 June 2007
- Training workshops for Human Rights in Skopje and Tetovo, on the request of Forum Syd, as a part of University course:Leadership and Development of Youth Work, Skopje-Tetovo, 21-22 May 2007, Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- National Training Course on Human Rigjts Education with Young People - Building Local Capacities, Bitola, 14-19 November 2006 (assistant coordinator and trainer), Centre for Human Rights "AMOS"-Bitola
- "Youth participation in local community", UNICEF, local coordinator, March-December 2006- "Remarking and Celebration of the International Day of Peace - 21.9.2006" - (assistant coordinator and educator), Caritas France in Macedonia, Council of Bitola

- "Young people against Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Intolerance", Ohrid, November 2005, (trainer), UNICEF

- "I am going to vote for the first time", American Embassy, May-August 2006, coordinator assistant and educator- "Municipalities fit for children", UNICEF, local coordinator

- "National Training Course on Human Rights Education with Young People", 2003, Bitola (trainer)- Summer camp Garana Romania, educator

-Ive become a mother, but Im still a child- educative program for young Roma girls (educator assistant)
-"Personal documents -first step for realization of human and civil rights"
- Your voice, your power
- Building network of children rights local observers , trainer
- "Building confidence and friendship with building bridges of cultural, religion and lingual understanding"
- School for Democracy
- "To overcome the stresses from the war" with temporary displaced children from Tetovo

Relevant Computer Experience:
operating system Windows 95/98/millennium,Word, Excel, Corel, Power point

English fluently,Italian intermediate, Serbian

Animals, books, music, travelling, movies

Humanist, hard worker, team worker