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AMOS 2010:

- HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Young People in Bitola - Get More Knowledge and Skills - CoE
- Effective Response to Gender Equality by the local Community
- Translating manuals of CoE: "Living in Democracy" and "How all teachers can support citizenship and human rights education: a framework for the development of competences".
- Translation into Macedonian language of the Manual: Compasito - Manual on human rights education for children - CoE
- Remarking of 19 November International Day for Prevention of Child Abuse and 20 November International Childrens Rights Day
- "TO-gender" project (Theatre of the Oppressed in activities on gender-based violence with young people)
- Study session - Social Cohesion and Quality of Life Human Rights Education contribution
- Conference on "Learning democracy and human rights", Strasbourg , 15-16 April 2010
- Remarking of International Human Rights Day - 10 December


- Remarking of the International Day for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination
- Enhancing interethnic relations through human rights education in partnership with (ADI)
- Lets perform it with Socrates - training for democratic citizenship in partnership with Group Lets, Serbia
- Study session Human Rights Education and Advocacy Activism Learning for Change EYCB - CoE
- Enter! Youth Meeting" EYCS - CoE
- Recycle yourself!


- Enter! Evaluation and Follow-Up Seminar EYCS- CoE
- Combating Hate speech on-line - capacity-building workshops - Let the words be windows, not walls EYF
- Study session Responding to hate learning to protect human rights online EYCS - CoE