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st. Skoevska 114, Bitola
Republic of Macedonia
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Children's rights
Women's rights
Human's rights
Activities 2007 <<

1. Name of the project:

2. Team:
Sasho Kochankovski, MA Coordinator and educator
Biljana Temelkova, educator
Liljana Kochankovska, educator
Borce Bejkovski, educator

Snezana Poposka, assistant
Omer Sulejman, assistant

3. Objectives
- Promotion of values: human and minority rights, acceptance, tolerance, respect, peaceful conflict resolution.
- To give them capacity to learn and work together and promote mutual knowledge and understanding.
- To give them knowledge and abilities to try to change inequality, injustice, stereotypes and prejudices whenever they have to face them in society
- Creating the exhibition of the childrens works (paintings, drawings and writings) created during the project activities

4. :
48 children on age from 10-14, representatives of the ethnic groups who live in Bitola (Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Roma, Vlah and Russians)

5. In partnership with:
Council of Biota and Meyer of Bitola, Center of Culture in Bitola.

6. Duration:
June - September 2007

7. Location

8. Supported by:
The Embassy of Switzerland in Republic of Macedonia

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